Intelligence Matters

Hägg is a distinguished Art Director, AI-Artist & Photographer with a proven track record of 14 years in the confluence of Art and Advertising. As an AI-Artist Hägg goes under the name Intelligence Matters.

Recognized for orchestrating exceptional outcomes for prestigious clientele, including Calvin Klein, Brashy Studios, and Juicy Couture. 

Specializing in luxury and premium brands, Hägg employs a highly conceptual approach and a discerning aesthetic eye to curate visually striking campaigns that transcend industry standards. 

He helps brands deliver meaningful value by defining their genetics, developing a best-in-class expression and multichannel presence; and accelerating their growth through content, experiences, campaigns and advertising.

His commitment to exceeding client expectations is evidenced by successful brand-building initiatives from inception, featuring associations with renowned celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna for the brand Brashy Studios where he worked as founder and creative director for 8 years.

Jacob Hägg is represented by Agent Bauer for AI-Imagery and Photography. For all inquiries please contact